Conditions Of Play

The tournament is open to any male or female player. The field will consist of 36 players in total. All players must be an affiliated bowler with a State or Territory Association that is affiliated to Bowls Australia as defined in the Bowls Australia Constitution or affiliated to an international body that is a member of World Bowls.

a. Entry in the Qualifying Events is open to any Female or Male registered bowler .
b. Players who have received and accept an official Direct Entry Invitation from the Tournament Committee are eligible to compete in the event.
c. Players who qualify through regional pre-qualifying events in the North, North West and South as held prior to the main event held on 14th and 15th of September.
d. Players must adhere to the terms and conditions specified.

There will be a determined number of Registrants who will be invited for direct entry into the main tournament. The number of Direct Invitations will be determined by the committee. Invites will be at the sole discretion of the organising committee. 2 invitations will be at the discretion of the major sponsors

a. There will be regional qualifying in the North, North West and South of Tasmania. These qualifying events will be held as follows:
NORTH – TBC. (depending on registration numbers), at East Launceston Bowling & Community Club
SOUTH – TBC. at Kingborough Indoor
NORTH WEST – TBC. at Burnie Indoor
(* Qualifying in the North West may be run on evenings over a window period TBC)
b. Each player will play 4 games and mark 2, all through a random card draw. Games will be shorter than the Mad Dog format to allow for 6 rounds to be completed in a day.
Round 1 - 9am to 10am
Round 2 - 10:10 to 11:10am
Round 3 - 11:20 to 12:20pm
Round 4 – 1pm to 2pm
Round 5 – 2:10pm to 3:10pm
Round 6 – 3:20pm to 4:20pm
Matches are 12 ends or 1 hour, whichever comes first. 9 points for a win, 4.5 points for a draw and 1 point for each end won.
Times may change depending on the host venue at their discretion.
The match manager in each region may change the format of the qualifying at his discretion.
Match Manager for NW: Mark Nitz, South: Craig Griggs, North: Sam Springer

a. Direct Entry Players. Ie. Invited players, will be required to pay an entry fee of $90 prior to the event b. Qualifying Entrants will be required to pay an entry fee of $25. Successful qualifiers will not be required to pay the $90 tournament entry fee c. All entry fees are non-refundable.

a. There will be 6 rounds of Singles (5 rounds and 1 final), where each player plays 5 games and 1 final game if he/she qualifies (Players may be required to mark. If volunteer markers are available, players may not need to mark. The Match Manager will have the final say on who marks any games)
b. Game durations are 18 ends or 90 minutes, whichever comes first, with a bell sounding at the end of 90 minutes with players completing any ends already commenced.
c. Players will be awarded points for a Win (9pts), and Draw (4.5pts) and 1 point for each end won allowing each game to have a total of 27 points allocated to players. In the event that 18 ends have not been completed but the game duration has reached the time limit of 90 minutes the points for the unfinished ends (made up to the 18 ends) will be awarded equally between the 2 players.
d. All players ‘Points’ will be consolidated and a ‘Master’ Scoreboard or Leader Board will be produced and displayed following completion of each Round.
e. At the conclusion of the event, any players ‘tied’ on points, will be separated by shots up, with the higher shots up being awarded the higher position. If the players are still tied then any prizemoney payable to these positions will be added together and ‘split’. f. At the conclusion of the first 5 rounds, the top 12 ranked players will play a final positional round to establish the winner and final placings g. Of the Top 12 Ranked Players, there will be a redraw based on finishing positions after round 5. Therefore 1v12, 2v11 etc. Points will be awarded in the same fashion as they were through the first 5 Rounds of Qualifying and the Master Scoreboard updated at the conclusion of the Positional Round. A player’s position at the conclusion of this round will determine finishing positions, and in turn any prize money payable associated with that position. h. A match manager and umpire will be present throughout the tournament. i. Dead ends apply

If an invited player withdraws from the event the Committee will make all efforts to replace the player with another player of similar profile providing that player has not attempted to qualify in any region prior to the event. If a player who has gained entry via qualifying withdraws from the event, the next best qualifier from that region will gain entry as the first alternate. In the event that the first alternate is unavailable then the second alternate and thereafter will gain entry into the event. If any player withdraws on the day of the event the Committee will replace the player with the best option available at the time.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to allocate the same rink to a player, more than once on the same day.

9. FIRST TO PLAY (Law 15.4) The opponents should toss a coin and the winner of the toss has the options described in law 18.2.2.

a. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter the format, times of play and greens to suit local unforeseen circumstances, giving as much notice as practical b. Where a program is interrupted or cannot be completed due to inclement weather or local conditions, the Tournament Committee may amend the format and length of games to achieve a result or postpone the event where an outcome cannot be achieved.

A signal will be given at the start of each session. Any player arriving after the starting time shall lose the right to play trial ends. Any player arriving at the green more than 15 minutes after the official starting time shall forfeit the game and the points that would be awarded for a win plus 60% of the points awarded for the average number of ends played in all games for that round.

Players will only be allowed to walk up to the head after delivery of their third and fourth bowls. In exceptional and limited circumstances, the player can ask the marker to walk up to the head earlier than described above. If a player does not meet these terms, law 35 will apply.

If the umpire, either by their own observation or on appeal from one of the skips or the opponent in singles, decides that a player is deliberately delaying the delivery of the player’s bowl:
a. On the first occasion the umpire will warn the player.
b. If the player commits the same offence a second time the end will be regarded as complete and the opponents of the offender will score as many shots as there are bowls in use by such opponent.
c. If the player offends a third time the game will be forfeited to the opponent.

Substitute players are not permitted.

a. As per the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, including Domestic Regulation 5. Footwear must adhere to Appendix A2. Attire must adhere to Appendix A3 and the BA logo policy. This policy is available on the Bowls Australia web site
b. Failure to adhere to the BA Logo Policy will result in the offending player being given a verbal warning by the convening match umpire which will be lodged and recorded with the tournament director. The offending player will then be provided up until the forfeit time of their subsequent game to comply with the BA Logo Policy. Failure to comply by this deadline will result in the offending player being disqualified and the game forfeited to their opponent.
c. All players will wear any form of sponsorship material that is supplied by the sponsors of the event (if any).
d. All players to wear club gear or clothing bearing the BA logo.

Trial ends are permitted but must be completed by that games official starting time

All bowls used during the event must carry a registered World Bowls stamp of either the current year or of a future year. Random checking of bowls may occur prior to the commencement of games. Bowls Australia’s bowls testing policy is available on the Bowls Australia website Players requiring bowls testing shall be liable for the cost of the test.

In all Bowls Australia events, as per the Laws of the Sport, only chalk can be used to mark touchers. We highly recommend the use of spray chalk.

The Tournament Committee shall be appointed for the purpose of deciding upon any points not provided in the conditions of play, for dealing with any appeals from decisions made by umpires and/or the tournament committee, and generally for the purpose of exercising overall authority on behalf of Bowls Australia. In the event of an appeal during the playing of the event, such appeals shall be made in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, and shall be directed to the Match Manager.

Total prize money for the event is minimum $6,000. A breakdown of the prize money is available upon request. Any player that is disqualified or forfeits a prize money round is ineligible to receive their prize money. Limited exceptional circumstances (forfeits only), can be applied for through written application to the Match Manager.

a. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter the program as deemed necessary to complete the event satisfactorily.
b. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to use any photographs taken during this event for further promotional requirements.
c. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter any part of the Conditions of Play as deemed necessary.

The Tournament Committee comprises the following individuals:

Sam Springer
Will Springer
David Genford
Craig Hazeldene
Louie Gonzy